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Aluminum system post

Fence posts made of high quality aluminum are lighter than steel posts, which transferes into faster and easier installation.

The new fence post is more resistant to harsh weather conditions. The use of lighter aluminum profiles prevents the gate drives from wearing out so quickly.

The new fence posts allow the profiles to be adjusted to the client’s preferences. The profiles can be painted in any RAL color and with a wood-like finish.

Cross profiles made of aluminum, galvanized or carbon steel, ordinary boards, as well as laser-cut sheet metal can be used for the assembly.

The use of a special galvanized post strengthens the construction of the fence. The post reinforcement is mounted to the ground with screws. The installation of the fence does not require welding skills.

1. A canopy

2. A post

3. A profile

4. A cap

5. A reinforcement of the post

Mounting with screws.
​No welding required!

Post reinforcement
in the amount of 30/50/100 cm.

The profiles available in different​