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Closed aluminum profiles/sections

Aluminum profiles are among the products commonly used in the construction industry. The properties of this material are less and less associated with the engineering industry, and more and more often they are used in the traditional construction. Ulamex, a wholesaler of aluminum closed profiles, offers structures formed into regular profiles. All of them have a rectangular cross-section and their length can be adjusted to the individual order.

A wholesaler of closed aluminum profiles

The Ulamex closed aluminum profile wholesaler offers products of various sizes. You can choose not only the shape and dimensions of the cross-section of a given angle, but also the thickness of the sheet from which it is made. You can also choose elements made of different alloys, which affects the properties of the individual profiles.

The properties of aluminium profiles

Aluminium features are known and used in many industries. The most important property of closed aluminum profiles is the resistance to atmospheric factors. Profiles do not corrode becouse of moisture. They also do not get affected by extremely different temperature or sunlight. The profiles are also appreciated for their low weight and the ability to easily form.

The use of the closed aluminium profiles

Aluminum closed profiles are used mainly outside the building. Aluminum fences placed on poles made of these products are becoming increasingly popular. Our Ulamex wholesale of closed aluminum profile supplies products to companies professionally involved in the creation of such fences. The elements may constitute a load-bearing structure or be further processed by welding into a gate or truss structure.

The profiles can also be used inside buildings to create structures for suspended ceilings or window frames. They can be used to make decorative elements or constructions in bathrooms. The profiles can be further machined and formed. They are perfect for joining with the use of traditional fasteners.