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Closed steel profiles made of black steel

Black steel is another term for an alloy of iron with carbon, often called carbon steel. It is the easiest alloy to make, and at the same time it makes it cheap. Closed steel profiles made of black steel are made of this alloy. A characteristic feature is the forming of the sheet metal into a closed profile with a rectangular or square cross-section. Due to the method of execution, each element is empty inside.

The product range of the Ulamex warehouse includes profiles with various dimensions of the walls in cross-section, length and thickness of the sheet metal used. There is a possibility of adjusting the length to the customer’s needs. Thanks to this, the products will be precisely matched to the nature of the structure.

Characteristic features of the black steel profiles

One of the biggest advantages of this group of products is the affordable price while maintaining excellent strength parameters. Steel closed profiles made of black steel transfer very high loads, the value of which depends on the profile dimensions. They can be fed into the machining processes with confidence. They are good at welding, cutting, and machining.

The disadvantage of this material is low corrosion and weather resistance. The surface quickly covers with a rusty bloom and corrosion may progress deeper into the sheet. Therefore, the use of the element outside of the buildings requires covering it with a layer of chrome or anti-corrosion paint.

Closed steel profiles made of black steel – usage

Most often, the carbon steel profiles are used to create construction structures. Closed steel profiles made of black steel will prove useful during the construction of structures around the house. You can use them to erect a fence or elements of the garden architecture. The ease of joining individual elements and the rigidity of the structure is also appreciated in gardening. The profiles can be used as supports for young trees or fruit bushes. These elements may also constitute a prefabricated element which will be used to build other products.