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Fencing/Industrial Panels
at Ulamex Wholesaler

Panel fences are gaining more and more interest from the investors. They are made of steel bars fastened to the frame of flat bars. The whole structure is protected against corrosion and powder coated. Our wholesale includes a low or high fence panel of various dimensions depending on your needs. The elements also differ in the thickness of the bars used for production, which affects the rigidity of the structure. Each variant can be made in several colors, thanks to which it will match the property’s characteristics. Apart from the spans, the proposals also include structural columns to which the span trusses are attached.

Low fence panel – properties

Panel fences are valued above all for stable and aesthetic structures. Panels fixed on stably fixed posts will form a rigid fence. The whole structure will not be damaged by an accidental hit and will set a clear zone. In addition, fitters appreciate the ease of joining individual parts of the fence with each other. The spans made of wires are stiff and light, which means that the assembly is not burdensome.

Where will panel fences be suitable?

This group of products primarily includes three-dimensional panels. They are made of bars which are then stamped. Thanks to this, the panels obtain a unique appearance and are characterised by a high level of aesthetics. This has an impact on the applicability of individual elements. Most often, fences around residential buildings are made of them. Their transparent constructions in different colors are used especially in green areas.

Each low fencing panel may also be used inside the property. They are used to create a fence around allotment gardens, or to separate a flower bed from the lawn. With the help of the panels, you can fence the cultivation zone in the garden, so that the plants will not be damaged by a kicked ball or by playing with domestic animals.