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Galvanized steel profiles and angles in Ulamex

Steel is widely used in many industries. In addition to products made of raw black steel, galvanized sections are of great interest. They are made of carbon steel, the outer surface of which is coated with a zinc layer. Thanks to this, the products obtain unique properties and resistance parameters.

Our assortment includes various types of profiles made of galvanized steel. The largest part is made of galvanized steel angles available in many dimensional variants. The galvanized profiles with more walls, such as channels or closed profiles, are also very popular. Each product variant can be in several dimensions. The differences between them also result from the thickness of the sheet metal which was used to make the profile.

Properties of galvanized steel

Galvanized sections are also characterised by the same resistance to mechanical damage or loads as carbon steel. However, the zinc coating makes the external surface of the components resistant to corrosion. The elements do not deteriorate under the influence of other atmospheric factors, so they can be used outside buildings.

It is worth remembering that the outer coating may be damaged when galvanized elements are processed. Then they lose local corrosion resistance and these places should be protected. Additionally, you need to remember about the harmful vapors generated during welding of this material and work in a well-ventilated room.

Galvanized sections – application

Each galvanized steel profile can be used in a number of ways. Due to their corrosion resistance, they are most often used for exterior structures. Galvanized sections form the elements of fences and balustrades. They can also be used in garden constructions. Often, the industrial and architectural sectors show interest in these. They are a material for the creation of landings, stairs or even bridges and footbridges.

The galvanized profiles are a reliable material for durable fencing.

Profiles made of galvanized sheet are the most frequently used material in the construction of all kinds of fences. The most popular size of the profiles chosen for posts is 60 × 40 with a 2 mm thick wall. Our offer includes 5, 6 and 7-meter barbells. We also sell ready-made fencing posts with dimensions of 60 × 40 × 2.0 mm in the same zinc or in color.Now that the material for the posts is selected, it is time to start with the fencing panels. Over the last period, you can find fences made of the transversely arranged galvanized profiles almost everywhere. The most popular size is 120×20 with a wall of 2 mm. Thanks to different sizes of profiles and the possibility of painting them, we can create a very interesting fence.

What paint for the galvanization?

We answer the question with what to paint the galvanization with. The most important activity when painting the galvanized profiles on your own is the proper preparation of the zinc surface for painting. The first step is to pre-clean the profiles of the greatest dirt. Then, degrease the galvanized steel. This will increase the adhesion of the paint to the section and make it easier for us to paint. Now it’s time to choose your paint. The best paint for galvanization is a polyvinyl paint. Its structure ensures high adhesion to the galvanization and well covers the profile’s surfaces. You should remember that each of these steps should be performed carefully so that the effect is satisfactory.

The galvanized profiles can also be powder coated in a powder coating plant. As a rule, we should be satisfied with the effect, but before submitting the profiles, it is worth asking about a few details. First of all, how do they clean the sections before painting, do they use a primer underneath painting, what powder do they use for painting and how to protect the paint after painting.

How to weld galvanization? We refute myths about zinc welding.

Welding zinc, of course, is dangerous, but only if the welder is irresponsible and there is an inadequate preparation for welding. When galvanized steel is joined together at high temperatures, the zinc is burnt. The gas released then is very poisonous. If it enters our respiratory system, the effects can be very unpleasant.

However, galvanized welding, and above all safe welding, is possible. At the beginning, it is worth getting a special mask for welding with a filter. It protects our respiratory system from poisonous gas. Then it is worth choosing a good welder, on which you need to set the appropriate parameters so as not to burn through the zinc. It is best to ask the device manufacturer about it. The choice of the welding wire is also important. Fortunately, the latest ESAB patent, OK AristoRod 38 Zn wire, is specifically designed for galvanized welding. Its unique properties make it possible to weld even safer, more efficiently and more aesthetically.

The galvanized channels are an ideal complement to the fence structure.

Ulamex specialises in the sale of galvanized channels of small sizes. They are used for masking the galvanized profiles in fences. The construction is carried out with the help of ordinary rivets. Depending on the client’s preferences, the contractor assembles fences of various compositions. With greater profile spacing or practically no gaps.

The most popular channels in our offer are those with an external size of 25 mm. The reason for this is the use of profiles with a 20-mm wall in the fencing spans. They are perfectly matched to the 25x25x25 mm, 20x25x20 mm and 40x25x40 mm channels. In addition to this size, there are also 40x40x40 mm sections.

If you want to receive an offer for galvanized channel sections, please contact us.

Other applications of galvanized profiles.

They are mainly used in the fencing sector. However, the galvanized profiles are more and more often found in structures such as composite terraces. These are terraces made of composite planks which resemble wood. Their advantage is the durability and appearance, which very much resembles boards. They do not need to be painted or further maintained.

The frame of the structure for the composite terrace is more and more often made of galvanized steel. The most common here are 80 × 80 galvanized profiles with a 3 mm wall. They are used as construction poles. They are mainly responsible for the solidity and endurance of the structure. Construction companies also use galvanized 40 × 40 profiles with a 2mm wall as a reinforcement and to improve stability.

What can you use galvanized angles for?

The galvanized steel angles offered by us are available only in the isosceles version. The largest section of this type which you can buy from us is a 40x40x3.0 mm galvanized angle.

Contractors highly appreciate the galvanized angles due to their low price in relation to the quality. It is a durable material and, thanks to the zinc coating, it is very durable and resistant to weather conditions. It can be successfully used in exterior constructions, but also inside the buildings.

Square and rectangular galvanized steel profile

The Ulamex steel wholesaler has galvanized and hot-dip galvanized steel profiles for sale. The zinc coating ensures long-term and reliable protection against corrosion. The galvanized profiles offered by us are of the Ist type. Such profiles are used in construction with metal structures, but most often they are used as fence posts. We invite manufacturers and assemblers of fences to cooperate with us.