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PV aluminum hexagonal profile 40×40 for photovoltaic

Dimensions of one mounting profile:

  • length: 2200mm, 3300mm, 4400mm, 6210mm, 6600mm
  • height: 40 mm
  • width: 40 mm
  • weight: ~ 1.83 kg / pc.

Accessories for mounting profiles:

bottom channel:

  • M10x25 hexagon bolts
  • Hexagon bolts M10x30

upper channel:

  • M8x25 Allen screws
  • M8x30 Allen screws
  • M8x35 allen screws

Hook holder, double adjustable angle, 120mm

Technical data:

  • Width: 30mm
  • Height: adjustable
  • Length: 120mm
  • Thickness: 4mm
  • Hole diameter: M8, M10

Photovoltaics – accessories for the installation of the photovoltaic installations

The photovoltaic panels are becoming a permanent element in the landscape of native towns and villages. However, in order to obtain solar energy, not only panels are needed, but also a solid structure for their fastening. The Ulamex wholeseler assortment includes accessories with which you can create a solid load-bearing structure. The products will work well with any photovoltaic installation, regardless of its size, location or power of the panels. The accessories are made with the conditions in which they will be used in mind.

What is the photovoltaics?

For several years now, photovoltaics has been enjoying growing popularity in our country. There is a reason for this. Although the installation of the photovoltaic panels on the roof or on the ground is an investment of more than ten thousand PLN’s, it is an expense which will pay for itself within a few years, so that we can then enjoy cheap electricity and an environmentally friendly method of obtaining it. Most of the energy acquired in Poland is produced from non-renewable energy sources. Coal mining is still at a high level, but it is worth remembering how many gases and dusts are emitted into the atmosphere. We see the negative impact of non-renewable energy sources with our own eyes and if we care about the well-being of our planet, we should consider the renewable energy sources, which include photovoltaic panels. Photovoltaic panels are an ecological way to obtain energy from the sun. How do they work? The most important element of a photovoltaic installation are the photovoltaic panels – a group of modules which power one inverter. This is where the photovoltaic phenomenon takes place, and the energy consumed is transformed into electricity, and then transferred to the inverter, where it is transformed from alternating current to electricity which goes to our home. A photovoltaic installation is an investment for many years, so the quality of the installation and the materials which will be used is so important. Our wholesale offers a wide range of fasteners for the photovoltaic installations at attractive prices.

How does photovoltaic work?

The photovoltaic installations have only become widespread in the last decade, although the use of solar energy is not a new discovery. Already in the middle of the 20th century, it was decided to build the first photovoltaic installation which was used to power space shuttles. However, it is only now that the cost of mounting the components and accessories allows for a widespread use of panels.

How does the electricity production look? The panels collect energy reaching the surface of the Earth in the form of photons as sun rays. They go to monocrystalline panels, where electrons are precipitated from them. The resulting direct current is sent to the batteries or is converted into alternating current by an inverter. In such a form it can power household appliances which use the mains electricity.

Why is it worth investing in the assembly of a photovoltaic system?

The construction of a photovoltaic installation within private homes enjoys growing interest. Each year, solar panels appear on the roofs of next buildings and around them. In the last few years, the collective power of a photovoltaic installation for the entire country has more than doubled. Our country has become a leader in the field of the percentage increase of photovoltaic panels and installation power. Why is photovoltaics so popular?

The photovoltaic installations offer the opportunity to lower electricity costs. A properly selected number of photovoltaic panels will make the electricity bills limited only to the costs of maintaining the link. Direct current can also be used for heating if the power of the installation is properly selected. This way, the user of the photovoltaic system has their own power plant, which generates electricity for the facility’s needs.Moreover, photovoltaics is also one of the ways to obtain renewable energy from nature. Regardless of the power of the installation, the energy source is considered endless. The installation does not interfere with the natural environment, and modern photovoltaic cells do not become a nuisance waste even after use.

What should photovoltaic panels be mounted on?

What should photovoltaic panels be mounted on?However, in order for the whole to function properly, an appropriate supporting structure will also be needed. This group includes products which enable the installation of any photovoltaic installation. You can choose products regardless of the power of the photovoltaic installation and where it is located.

Before the installation of the photovoltaic panels, it is necessary to prepare the structure of formed aluminum profiles. They are mounted to the building structure with the use of studs or hook clamps. Only on a rack prepared in this way can the installation of the photovoltaic panels be performed. For work, handles called clamps are used, the structures of which will not damage the panels. All of the elements available in the wholesale can be installed using keys and power tools. There is no need to weld the photovoltaic installation together, which greatly helps with the assembly.

The accessories in this group which facilitate the assembly of the installation differ in dimensions. The aluminum profiles themselves can have a different length and cross-section dimensions. Thanks to this, they can be used to mount individual photovoltaic panels or entire rows, when the power of the installation will be greater. Thanks to this, they can be used to mount individual photovoltaic panels or entire rows, when the power of the installation will be greater. Some of them are elements in which it is possible to adjust the size.

Photovoltaics – on the ground or on the roof of the house?

The most popular solution for installing photovoltaic panels is placing them on the roof of the building. It is a faster and simpler solution, and its widespread use makes it a cheaper method than mounting photovoltaic panels on the ground. In the ULAMEX steel wholesale, you will find structural elements for the installation of the photovoltaic installations, both on the roof and on the ground.

Installation capacity and power vs. location

The technical conditions do not always allow for the installation of a photovoltaic system on the roof. The irregular structure means that the load-bearing structure would have to be extremely complicated. Moreover, even a large photovoltaic installation will not be able to obtain the right amount of energy. That is why sometimes ground-based photovoltaics are also built, i.e. the assembly of panels to the structure prepared next to the house. Although such a photovoltaic installation takes up slightly more free space, it can be more efficient than traditional installations. It is enough that the sunlight in this place turns out to be intense enough.

The most important features of the components for the installation of the photovoltaic system

The products gathered in this group are characterised by high quality and workmanship for a specific application. Thanks to this, the accessories can be useful when you assemble solar panels yourself. They can also be used as an equipment element for professional assembly teams. Why is it worth choosing them when assembling photovoltaic installations?

Most of the accessories are made of aluminum. The properties of this material are perfect for the assembly of the photovoltaic panels. First of all, aluminum is well tolerated by the conditions on the roof. It is resistant to corrosion and is not damaged by the changing temperatures. Additionally, the construction itself is durable and resistant to bending. This way you can avoid tearing the solar panels from the roof. The low weight of the profiles and assembly elements makes mounting on the roof easier and safer.

In addition, with the help of the collected accessories, a photovoltaic of any power and size can be mounted. A wide range of dimensions and types of accessories will allow for the installation on the roof as well as a structure mounted on the ground. The properly selected products can be used when the photovoltaic installation is laid on a part of roof or ground with an irregular structure. Different products and accessories which can be adjusted may then be required.

Before choosing the appropriate products, it is worth carefully assessing what elements will be needed to create a structure for the solar panels. The best solution would be to draw the shapes and dimensions of the roof’s surface. The type of roof covering should be taken into account, as well as its shape. When reaching for the appropriate profiles, you should take into account the distance from the edge of the roof, on which the solar panels cannot be mounted. Only a properly planned and made installation will ensure safe use.