Welcome to the website of ULAMEX – your trusted partner in the world of steel. ULAMEX is a thriving steel wholesaler that has been on the market for over 35 years, offering more than ten thousand items in one place. Our headquarters is located in central Poland, at the intersection of major road routes. However, an extensive warehouse and a great location are only a bonus, as the most important thing for us is the customer. It is thanks to you that we are constantly developing and doing what we like!


Why you should choose us?

Ulamex steel wholesaler has been trying to meet the requirements and needs of customers for thirty-five years. We provide the highest quality products characterized by competitive prices. Our company employs qualified employees who provide comprehensive customer service from placing an order to delivering the goods to the indicated place. The trust our customers have placed in us is a source of great joy and pride for us, because it is thanks to you, Dear Customers, that we can do what we love.

35 years of experience

ULAMEX steel wholesaler for thirty-five years strives to meet the demands and needs of customers. We constantly monitor the market to match the offer to current standards. With qualified employees, we provide comprehensive customer service.

rich assortment

The ULAMEX steel wholesale assortment consists of a very large number of metallurgical products. Everything is stored in the warehouse, which ensures very fast order processing. We are constantly working on expanding our product range to meet all the needs of our customers.

constant development

Our goal is to constantly improve our products, while maintaining competitive and affordable prices for the customer. We are not resting on our laurels – we continue to develop our company and expand the range of activities.


How to place an order?

select products

Select a product and check in its description if we have the variant you are interested in.

send inquiry

Click the “make an enquiry for this” button and complete the contact information and your product inquiry. Remember to specify which variant you are interested in.

accept the offer

Wait for our salespeople to send you an email with the answer to your question and a customized offer prepared for you to accept.

wait for delivery

Done! All you have to do now is wait for us to deliver your order to you.


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Interested to working with us?

Discover the possibilities of cooperation with our company! ULAMEX is pleased to offer a comprehensive commercial service in your region. We make sure that your order is efficiently priced and delivered on time. Fill out the form next to ask us your questions. We respect your time, so our specialized traders will respond by email as soon as possible answering all your questions.


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Find your sales specialist?