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The 80×80 raw aluminium system post is sold in six-metre bars.


The new fence post! Looking for new trends and an increase in installation orders? This is the perfect product for your business!

  1. Installation 67% faster compared to other fences.
  2. Can be assembled by 1 person.
  3. No welding skills required.
  4. Wide range of cross board variants.

Don’t wait for others to introduce this into their range – get ahead of the competition!
Fence posts made of high quality aluminium are lighter than steel posts, which translates into faster and easier assembly. It also makes transporting the individual elements much easier. Lightweight products can be loaded and unloaded onto a car very quickly, without the need for professional lifts. This is particularly important for small companies installing fences.


Durable aluminium posts


The new fence post is characterised by a higher resistance to harsh weather conditions. The use of lighter aluminium profiles means that the gate operators do not wear out as quickly. The aluminium post has been coated with a protective layer, which protects it from the elements, among other things. These include humidity, high and low temperatures and direct sunlight.

The use of a special galvanised post improves the strength of the fence structure. The reinforcement is mounted to the ground with screws. Stable fixing of the fence does not require welding skills. This is an excellent solution for those who do not have welding qualifications and want to erect the entire structure themselves. Entrepreneurs, especially professional installation teams, as well as private individuals choose to order posts.


Aluminium post in many versions


The new fence posts allow profiles to be customised to the customer’s liking. The profiles can be painted in any RAL colour and with a woodgrain finish. This is of great importance when you want a particular product to perfectly match the appearance of your property, including buildings. The use of paint also makes it possible to improve the properties of the aluminium elements and protect them even better against the effects of the weather. All this ensures that the posts retain their perfect appearance for many years.

Cross profiles made of aluminium, galvanised steel or black steel, plain board or laser-cut sheet metal can be used for installation. Indeed, our posts can be used in fences of any design. They are commonly used in modern constructions, which is due to the simple construction of such elements. They also perfectly combine with any ornamentation used in stylized fences.


Functional aluminium bollards


Modern users want the products they buy to be, above all, functional. This is also the case with aluminium posts. They are increasingly replacing steel models. They are lighter and easier to install, transport and store. They are ideal where fast installation of a fence is necessary. Such constructions appear both on private plots, as well as on company or city properties. In many places, the speed of erecting the fence makes it possible to ensure safety and protect the area from unauthorised persons and animals.

Our posts can be used in places where the fence is located both at the front of the property and around the entire property. It is a much less expensive solution than wrought iron or stainless steel structures, which can also be found in the offer of our online shop. All these features make this type of product very popular. We supply them mainly to companies assembling fences for private individuals. Betting on modern solutions makes it possible to attract more customers, who are willing to invest in cheaper, lighter and quicker to install aluminium fences.